The Classical quartz line fascinates all eyes with the perfect combination of gleaming silvery streaks and classic colors, like leading the way to a journey to the land of the stars. The space applied by Classical quartz stone is not only bestowed a touch of sophistication and modernity, but also becomes more splendid, elegant, and attractive than ever. 



People liken the Marble quartz line as a natural stone that becomes lively thanks to the soaring, multi-colored veins inspired by the bright lines of natural marbles and wavy mineral streaks. Thanks to its distinctive delicate pure and gentle aesthetic, Marble has become a favorite collection of quartz stones of all, introducing a refined, high-class look into all living spaces.



The Calacatta quartz line brings intense liveliness from the Maracaibo’s thunder strikes into the living space with its fierce beauty. Each stripe of the Calacatta collection resembles hardy branches in the arctic snow. The Calacatta collection, with its ability to brighten all applied surfaces, is considered the most suitable choice for homeowners with a strong and modern personality.

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