2021 to present

Phu Tai Quartz is proud to officially launch 3 new collections, which are expected to be our key product lines, including Classical - elegant with gleaming silvery streaks, Marble - delicate by the bright lines of the natural mineral streak, and Calacatta - inspired by the intense liveliness of Maracaibo’s thunder strikes, with more than 40 product models that are not only modern and luxurious but also possess outstanding features of durability and high applicability.


Facing the global economic fluctuations, Phu Tai Quartz Stone still achieved certain achievements. Specifically, Phu Tai Quartz increased production capacity at the factory up to 45,000m² per month, and export directly to the US, Canada, and Australian markets at the same time.


Phu Tai Quartz

At Phu Tai Quartz, we pride ourselves on using the latest technology to bring the inevitable solution and unleash all limitations in the natural stone processing industry

We are

Phu Tai Quartz Stone Company Limited (PTQ) is an affiliated Enterprise of Phu Tai Joint Stock Company (Phu Tai JSC) which specializing in the production of natural stone and wooden furniture.


To become the leading manufacturers of compound stone


With great style, variety, and creativity, we offer millions of products that satisfy any customer, from first-time buyers to experts and delighting everyone's life to be more beautiful.


On a customer-centric basis, we provide the best quality products at competitive prices to become the most trusted and selected partner. To be the best working environment for the staff to develop, contribute, and build their career.


By the value "Innovation - Speed - Sustainability", the resources are the core factor for Phu Tai Quartz to become the potential leading market


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