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Natural stone vs. Quartz-based artificial stone from Phu Tai Quartz

12 tháng 7, 2021

Marble and Granite

Marble is considered as a metamorphic rock from limestone, with a non-schist structure. Its main component is calcite (a crystallized form of calcium carbonate, CaCO3).

Granite is also a natural stone formed by the metamorphism of limestone, carbonate, or dolomite rocks.

The process of metamorphosis and recrystallization of these sedimentary rocks is the cause of the formation of interlaced rock crystal veins, creating delicate natural beauty.

However, with their porous, soft, and absorbent properties, these 2 natural stones can not only absorb moisture from raw food or leftovers, harbor harmful bacteria but also make it difficult to construct sections. Construction costs for natural stone will be expensive because it is easy to crack and difficult to find replacement products. There are also certain requirements such as if not treated carefully, in the long run, The surface will absorb water, stick to dirt, and change the original color, losing its pure beauty.

Phu Tai Quartz

Quartz-based artificial stone from Phu Tai Quartz was born as a perfect solution to solve all the limitations of natural stones. Thanks to the creation of a combination of natural stone minerals and Polyester glue, so they have better quality and display more advantages such as high hardness, resistance to impacts from the external conditions, therefore, the product is often favored and widely applied in areas that are frequently impacted such as kitchen tables, stairs, countertops...

Kudos to the combination of synthetic materials, additives, and colorants, quartz-based artificial stone not only possesses outstanding benefits in terms of durability, bearing capacity, waterproofing, dirt resistance, and ease of maintenance but also carry a variety of colors, considered the most stylish and design options of all materials today, from monochrome to multicolor, grained, metallic and stone patterns. This is also a plus of artificial stone compared to natural stone.

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