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Phu Tai Quartz maintenance guidelines for maintaining the beauty of artificial quartzs

12 tháng 7, 2021

Phu Tai Quartz always favors and recreates natural beauty in its designs, thereby preserving pure beauty over the years thanks to its outstanding advantages in durability and features such as waterproofing, anti-wear, anti-fouling, and good heat resistance. However, with great care, anything will become more refined, and so will products from Phu Tai Quartz. To keep the products in your space as functional and attractive as they were on day one, make sure you follow these simple guidelines:

Clean regularly

Featuring easy maintenance and no need for re-coating, to clean the surface of man-made quartz stone simply wipe the surface with a cloth and warm water, or with diluted soap.

During the time of using and living, inevitably, stains from fruits, colored beverages, alcohol, and ink are often scattered on the surface of the product. In this case, you should use a damp cotton cloth to wipe away the stains as quickly as possible. If the stain has stayed on the surface for quite a long time, or the stains have dried, you should use a mild detergent mixed with warm water to clean. It is also recommended that surfaces be cleaned regularly to avoid dust and to keep the space in which they are applied.

Avoid applying force and sharp objects

The bearing capacity and scratch-resistance of artificial quartz stone from Phu Tai Quartz are greater than that of other common natural stones, however, users should not abuse the use of sharp objects such as knives, scissors that directly affect the product or exert too much force on the product such as placing too heavy objects, sitting or standing on the surface. The edges and edges of the product are also weak bearing positions, so it is necessary to avoid applying force to these areas.

Warning of temperature

All stone surfaces, from nature to Phu Tai Quartz, can be damaged by sudden and excessive heat changes, especially near rock edges, including direct heat as well as a hot object continuously for a while on the surface. Try using mats or holders under hot pots, pans, grills, electric fryers, hobs, and ovens…. before putting them on.

Avoid direct sunlight

Phu Tai Quartz also recommends that you should not place the product under sunlight directly for a long time. This can cause discoloration and warping of the product.

Limit exposure to harsh chemicals

Despite its chemical resistance, there are corrosive chemicals that can damage any surface, including Phu Tai Quartz. To ensure an extended product life through the years, try not to expose the stone surface to alkalis, strong acids, oxidizing agents, other similar chemicals, or cleaning agents. In addition, do not use any sealants, penetrants, or self-repair as this will cause the surface of the product to lose its original appearance. Instead, contact us to receive the most appropriate and timely support.

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