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Phu Tai Quartz with outstanding advantages

12 tháng 7, 2021

To bring the most complete living experience, Phu Tai Quartz is constantly researching to create stone products possessing many outstanding advantages, ensuring Quality, Aesthetics, and High Applicability.

Advantages of quartz-based artificial stone:

1. Diversity of colors and designs

Thanks to the variety of designs inspired by nature, Artificial Quartz Stone from Phu Tai Quartz not only possesses many designs from monochrome to multi-color, even metallic luster and vein color, but It also has high applicability, meeting the aesthetic needs of many types of buildings and housing projects.

2. Effective anti-scratch, anti-abrasion

Phu Tai Quartz is made from natural quartz with a rate of about 90% of aggregates, of which quartz is a mineral with high hardness only lower than diamond, according to the Mohs scale of 7/10. That makes them high hardness and scratch-resistant, the surface is always shiny and the color stays like new year after year.

3. Waterproof

Thanks to the tight texture of quartz crystals and polymer chains, artificial quartz stone possesses almost absolute water resistance. If natural stone is only moisture resistant in some types, artificial stone is completely different: no dust, easy to clean.

4. Chemical resistance

Quartz-based artificial stone has the perfect structure to resist corrosive substances used by people in daily life such as detergents, acids from fruits, suitable for all living spaces.

5. Perfect bearing

Artificial quartz stone is the perfect choice if homeowners need to use it in places with lots of impact by external forces because quartz stone has higher hardness, better bearing capacity compares to other natural stones.

6. Enduring in the harsh weather

The expansion or contraction is measured by standards that show quartz-based artificial stone withstands extreme weather, specifically high and low temperatures, both create very little changes in appearance and do not affect the beauty of space during use.

7. Anti-Bacterial 

The quartz-based artificial stone at Phu Tai Quartz is certified to meet quality standards and strictly adheres to the criteria for composition, ensuring that bacteria and mold cannot exist on the surface, creating a reliable, safe for the environment and users including children.

8. Easy maintenance 

Unlike natural stone that has many cracks and holes on its surface, quartz-based artificial stone is managed to minimize the problems mentioned above. This makes stone properties superior to natural stone lines, easy to clean without polishing or periodic maintenance.

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